Bloodlust Gunlust - GGPro
Bloodlust Gunlust - GGPro

Bloodlust Gunlust - GGPro

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Free-For-AllSmallBF2042No specialistsWeapon restrictionNo vehiclesTraining
## Features: * 24 Players to avoid spawn/backstab spam * No attachments * 1 rank 1 Kill (*cannot be changed, if I change this, I will update the version number on the experience page*) * 24 2042 ranks (can EASILY be changed) * Players spawn as BC2 classes to remove all weapon attachments * might need to change this if you want bc2 gungame * Specialists DISABLED * Plus menu DISABLED (it was basically cheating) * Firemode DISABLED * Weapon Change DISABLED * knife de-rank (unless it is that ranks weapon) * Infinite reserve ammo * Friendly HUD messages showing if the game is active or in warmup * Winner KD shared at the end * PvP Bots while match fills * All TDM maps that are currently in available * (toggle) Warmup that waits for X players, or waits (min_players * 20 | limit 300) seconds to force start the match with an X second minimum warmup time (can be configured) * (toggle) Melee for throwable ammo, disables infinite ammo for c5/frags/etc so you need melee kills for more ammo * Match limit based on number of weapon ranks (60s per rank) * Random weapon unlocks in pre-game * explosives in pre-game always have infinite ammo ## Notes for Editors: * The first, purple rule block, contains most of the settings, simply set "WARMUP_ACTIVE = FALSE" to autostart the game between matches. * DO NOT CHANGE THE PREPPING FLAG, this is a hotfix for players re-spawning during pre-game warmup after it ends. * INIT_ALL_WEAPONS sets the weapons in play for the game, in the order shown. * If you would like to add/change/remove a weapon in the roster, simply change them, remove them, or add to the list. * JUST MAKE SURE BOTH ENTRIES ARE THERE FOR BOTH 'WEAPON_RANK' AND 'WEAPON_RANK_TYPE', if that order changes, or is improper, *expect issues*. * INIT_FAKE\THROWABLES enables melee "resupply" on those selected gadgets (so you have to melee kill for grenades, AND C5) you shouldn't have to touch this * If removed from this list, infinite reserve ammo should take effect.
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