Gun Game a la Oscar v1.1
Gun Game a la Oscar v1.1

Gun Game a la Oscar v1.1

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This is Gun Game with several intensifying modifications for continuous fast paced action with in game on-the-fly configuration to tweak your experience to the max. Jump in, explore and enjoy! Features: - Play on any map from 1942|BC2|BF3|2042 with dynamic weapons list - Single, several humans, with or without AI - Important stuff always in top right corner - Weapon selection is controlled by the mod - always possible to switch to secondary, melee or throw stuff (except in melee mode) - Reverse weapon order (config in game, default: guns->rifles) - Random weapon order (config in game, default: off) - AI (config on/off in game, default: on) - Advanced, leaders weapon, 200% health, never spotted (except when in lead) - Camp detection and punishment (config on/off in game) - If you stay within ~3m for more than ~10s you are considered camping - Campers are statically spotted and told to move - You need to "not camp" for as long as you camped to no longer be considered a camper - Dynamic spotting rules - Leader(s) are always spotted until melee mode is reached - In melee mode leader(s) are unspotted and all other humans are spotted - If all humans reach melee mode, they are all spotted - Intermittent/static spotting (config in game) - 5s on and 15s off vs always on - Dynamic configuration - Go prone, select grenade, wait ~5s, follow on-screen instructions - Simply stand up to leave configuration mode - Crouch/prone to cycle options, zoom to select - All other players are paused during config, and then resume when player exits config - Option AI: on/off - Option Weapon order: guns->rifles or rifles->guns - Option Random weapons order: on/off (will select random weapons according to weapon order above) - Option Intermittent spotting: on/off - Option Camping detection: on/off - Disgrace functionality, weapon demoted if: - killed 3 times in sequence, killed by grenade or melee
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