1vs1 Duel Arena


This is an experience where each player competes against each other for the best results in a one on one match.

The matches are played in designated match areas on the map. Before the match begins match participants teleport into the match area and spectators teleport near the match area.

During the match match participants are not allowed to leave the area and spectators are not allowed to enter the area. Spectators are not allowed to move so as not to disturb the match with their footsteps.

Only during the match A random weapon will be given out every three rounds.

Winning a match a stipulated number of times will make you the winner of the game.

This experience is inspired by CoD s Gunfight.

** Other features:**

  • Two maps Kaleidoscope and Discarded each set with 4 match areas.
  • Loadouts are set to random primary secondary gadget and throwable slots respectively.
  • Gadgets include medical pens and armor plates and throwable include flag grenades incendiaries and smoke.
  • All slots except the secondary may be left empty.

It is also possible to customize game settings for private servers.

Customizable setting items:

  • Method of selecting participants: Random / Free to participation
  • Number of rounds required to win a match: 1 to 10
  • Loadout change rounds: Every 2 to 11 rounds
  • Round time limit: 20 to 120 seconds
  • Unlimited matches won: Off / On


  • After starting the server, double-tap the Interact button in the prone position.
  • After someone joins and a few moments, the game settings menu will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Double-tap the Interact button to operate the menu shown in the fourth line of the message. Double-tap again to exit the menu.
  • Press Crouch button to move to the next menu item, and press Fire button to confirm. If you want to change other items while changing the value of a menu item, press the Interact button to return to the item selection.
  • To start a match, double-tap the Interact button in the prone position.

If you want to freely select the participants of the match:

  • If you want to choose participants freely, change "Match participant method" to "Free to participation".
  • The first line of the message in the upper right corner shows the match participants. Press the crouch button to participate, and press it again to cancel. If you want to participate, you must leave the menu.
  • If the game is set to "Free to participation", you will be automatically taken to the game settings menu after the game is over.

For more details please watch the instructional video uploaded on Youtube.



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