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Attrition is a 32v32 conquest in which capturing and holding specific objectives provide additional benefits to your team asides from the standard ticket bleed Each map has it s own set of special objectives which I will give an overview of below I created this mode to achieve a few different goals 1 To provide incentive to defend objectives in conquest 2 To help prevent ghost capping and help spready players over various objectives more effectively 3 To improve teamplay and strategy along with effective use of gadgets The various special objectives are as follows and will be different from map to map In game messages will help you understand the special objectives in each map 1 Satellite Controlling hostile satellite will allow your team to breach the satellite intel and provide enemy coordinates at a specific frequency This is set at 2 sec spotting at 30 second intervals 2 Ammo Cache Controlling hostile ammo cache will restrict enemy from calling in Angel s loadout drop Equip standard ammo crates or use enemy loadout drops to top off ammo 3 Vehicle Repair Depot Controlling hostile vehicle repair depot will max out enemy vehicles at 80 armor Try keeping those vehicles topped off using the repair tool 4 Deployment Network Controlling hostile deployment network will prevent the enemy from spawning on objective points Use teammates and spawn beacons effectively to fight back A few side notes 1 I limited the squad to accept only one type of specialists per squad to improve spread and teamplay 2 I reduced movement speed to 90

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