among us gamemode v1 1


The game is 7 players in which 1 person will be randomly selected as the imposter BEFORE SPAWN PLS CHANGE UR specialist FROM IRISH TO SOMEONE ELSE this is due to irish having 10 armor that will break voting The imposter will get the ability to kill other players you do this by STANDING UP and shooting your pistol Both crewmates and imposters can report a body you do this by crouching near a mandown body and shooting your pistol If you are mandown please dont skip it so people can report your body A meeting will start when a body is reported in the meeting a msg will appear telling the players and their specialists so that people know who is who You vote someone out by shooting that person make sure to shoot twice as there is a dice bug in which you get 2 bullets and the first one does no dmg To skip a vote dont shoot Player with most votes will be killed The game will finish once there is no imposters alive or there is no crewmates alive or the crewmates complete all task Task in this game task are killing the highlighted bots BE CAREFUL BOTS CAN KNIFE YOU FROM THE BACK AND KILL YOU how many total task will be needed will be decided on how many players there are so more players more task required ON FIRST GAME JOIN SOMETIMES DICE GIVES YOU NO LOADOUT all blank squares IF THIS HAPPENES TO ANY PLAYER RESTART THE MAP OR GO NEXT MAP UNTILL EVERY PLAYER HAS A LOADOUT If you find any bugs just dm me so i can fix it or i might not cause thats what dice does


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Nov. 24, 2021, 8 a.m.

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Nov. 25, 2021, 3 p.m.