Black Ops Zombies, Progressive Difficulty


Experience description:

Fight 5 rounds of increasingly tougher zombies. Keep at least one man alive to secure victory. Respawn & resupply available at round end. Power-ups: Max Ammo, Death Perception, Electric Cherry, Insta-Kill, Juggernog, Self Revive, Tombstone Soda, Nuke.

Feature highlight:

Similar zombie modes in Battlefield Portal have focused on unlock-able doors and pack-a-punch; these modes must be scripted for specific maps, hence their map rotations are highly limited. My mode instead focuses on power-ups, which function across all maps, and allow players the ability to free roam and use custom loadouts. Bring your favorite specialists and guns from multiplayer and develop your own strategy on a rotation of all 18 maps! (all maps valid as of Season 5: New Dawn)

Known bugs:

  • On rare occasions, using Med-Pen (Assault class gadget) will cause instant death to the player. This is believed to be a bug of the game itself, as no logic in the rules editor modifies human players' maximum health or damages them.
  • On rare occasions, a disconnected player may prevent human players from receiving game over when everyone dies. The server admin (i.e. host) should manually skip to the next map when this occurs.


Thanks for all the strangers online who helped me test the early build of this mode. I'm pleasantly surprised by how immediately popular this is when it came out. Your participations have enabled me to fix many underlying bugs and quality of life issues.


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Aug. 24, 2023, 4:45 a.m.

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Aug. 25, 2023, 11:52 a.m.