Bloodlust Gunlust GGPro


Features 24 Players to avoid spawn backstab spam No attachments 1 rank 1 Kill cannot be changed if I change this I will update the version number on the experience page 24 2042 ranks can EASILY be changed Players spawn as BC2 classes to remove all weapon attachments might need to change this if you want bc2 gungame Specialists DISABLED Plus menu DISABLED it was basically cheating Firemode DISABLED Weapon Change DISABLED knife de rank unless it is that ranks weapon Infinite reserve ammo Friendly HUD messages showing if the game is active or in warmup Winner KD shared at the end PvP Bots while match fills All TDM maps that are currently in available toggle Warmup that waits for X players or waits min_players 20 limit 300 seconds to force start the match with an X second minimum warmup time can be configured toggle Melee for throwable ammo disables infinite ammo for c5 frags etc so you need melee kills for more ammo Match limit based on number of weapon ranks 60s per rank Random weapon unlocks in pre game explosives in pre game always have infinite ammo Notes for Editors The first purple rule block contains most of the settings simply set WARMUP_ACTIVE FALSE to autostart the game between matches DO NOT CHANGE THE PREPPING FLAG this is a hotfix for players re spawning during pre game warmup after it ends INIT_ALL_WEAPONS sets the weapons in play for the game in the order shown If you would like to add change remove a weapon in the roster simply change them remove them or add to the list JUST MAKE SURE BOTH ENTRIES ARE THERE FOR BOTH WEAPON_RANK AND WEAPON_RANK_TYPE if that order changes or is improper expect issues INIT_FAKE THROWABLES enables melee resupply on those selected gadgets so you have to melee kill for grenades AND C5 you shouldn t have to touch this If removed from this list infinite reserve ammo should take effect


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Nov. 24, 2021, 5 a.m.

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