Bombplant & Defuse Mode(Zhan Shu Bao Po) #030


[Mode Name] Tactical Blast Mode [Mode creator] hansman030 [Model Type] PVPVE [Number of players] 8v8 Tactical Competition [Number of rounds] BO5 [Mode map number] 14 small map (all maps can be rotated to play!) [Mode code] AA11M4 You search for [030] in the portal, the room name is [Bombplant & Defuse Mode (Zhan Shu Bao Po) #030], feel the charm of tactical blasting together!

Mode Introduction --- This mode is a tactical mode that is a blend of (CSGO) competitive mode + (BF) battlefield features, named Tactical Blast Mode. Because it is not just a simple blasting mode.

--- The attacking side needs to detonate all explosives within the time limit (2 explosives in rounds 1, 3 and 5; 1 explosive in rounds 2 and 4), and the defending side needs to prevent the enemy from detonating explosives within the time limit.

--- Victory condition for the attacking team: all explosives are detonated within the time limit Defending side victory condition: prevent the detonation of all explosives within the specified time

--- [Game Highlights]. ①: After 2 rounds, the game changes positions between the attacking and defending sides, and both sides will go through an offensive and defensive phase. ②: Different from CSGO, players can keep respawning each turn, redeployment CD is 15s (the reason is that the current 2042 does not have a viewing perspective), players and carriers no longer have a fast blood return, and need teammates to help each other. ③: learn from the experience of previous generations of Battlefield games, not using the deploy carrier function, the relative center of the map will generate [neutral tanks], randomly generated each turn for both sides to compete as a resource strategy point. ④: Learning from the experience of previous generations of Battlefield games, adding [Squad Commander - Angel], the game mode will be more tactical and united. Squad commander deployment will automatically have the M95 sniper rifle. Use C+E (Crouch+Interactive) to replace the Warfare Combo Box, Ground Sensors, Dynamic Detectors, and Drones in Expert Equipment at will. The generic equipment is replaced with Mortar Strike. ## Thus, the mode disables Casper and Liz. ⑤: Mode disables M12 Shotgun, Avanheis, FXM-33 Anti-Air Missile, Proximity Sensor. (Because it's not tactical enough XD) Players can only get deployment beacons from [Squad Commander - Angel]'s drop box, and their own deployment carrying deployment beacons will be forcibly replaced with M18 Broadsword mines. ⑥: In this mode, Ai will be very offensive, and the defending Ai will do their best to prevent the attacking side from deploying beacons, #### very smart! No longer too dull! ⑦: The mode adds a personnel auto-balance module to ensure that it will always be 8V8 (because of editor bugs that can cause personnel imbalance.)

I am a Chinese player who made the portal, if you like the model, then you can add my ORIGIN friend, ID: hansman030. To this, thanks.

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