Capture The Area


10/29/2022 update version 1.5

・Additional maps: Stranded ・Remaining time display change ・Addition of prohibited weapons and attachments ・Set so that the system does not interfere with the flag of the respawn base

This game mode is a game of controlling a base. However, it is not a "conquest" game. It is about taking control of a moving base.

To control a base, the player must be in the circle indicated by the icon.

Bases are patrolled along the same route. The number of tickets of the enemy team is reduced during the conquest. Of course, if ticket quantity reaches 0, the team loses the game.

The area where you can respawn during the game also switches. If you respawn from a distance, you will be parachuted in, and you will not be able to shoot during the parachute descent.

I think this "parachute drop" still needs some thought.

Please play a lot and let me know what you think.

I have uploaded a short video on Youtube for your viewing pleasure. Text in Japanese and English (translator)

Capture the area: Created by ENPL / Please follow us on Twitter and Youtube! >>> The next update is to add a MAP!


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