Crossfire is an 8v8 round-based game type where each player only has one life per round.

Currently this version uses PVP AI until I deem it to be 100% complete. I plan on making a separate experience that features a ready-up system, minimum player count and forfeit detection with no AI involved

How to play:

Capture both Flags

There are two neutral flags that both teams will fight for control over. If one team captures a flag, it can be neutralized and taken by the opposing team. If one team captures both of the flags then the round is ended and the team that holds both the flags will win the round.

Eliminate the Enemy Squads

There is only one life per round so if you go down, you will enter a crawling state where you can be finished off. There is no respawns allowed mid-round and at the start of the round you will be forced deployed. If you have squad-mates available you can spectate them. If one team manages to wipe out the other then they will win the round.

Additional Information

Swapping Sides Every 4 rounds the starting positions for both teams will be swapped.


At the end of every round an additional highlight is told about that round. These highlights include:

  • Most Kills
  • Most Revives
  • Melee Kills
  • Jumpshot Kills (If the person has the most kills)
  • Defibrillator Kills
  • Headshot Kills (Might be broken)
  • Longest Distance kill (Over 50m)
  • Ace (Got every Kill on their team, overrides all highlights)


All squads can only have one unique specialist in their squad. If someone is a specialist, no one else in that squad can be that specialist.


  • Insertion Beacon

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June 16, 2024, 5:26 p.m.

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