DEMO v0.4 BF1942: King of the Hill


A WW2 set mode where two teams fight for a main objective with a large capture radius its usually a town or somewhere fun to fight. Within the main objective there is a priority area that moves around randomly. The closer you are the priority area the more your presence counts towards capture. Capture mechanics are as close to standard battlefield as I can get. If your team holds the main objective you introduce a ticket bleed. Every time a human player dies their team loses a ticket. The first team to run out of tickets loses just like conquest.

Each team also has an outpost that if captured allows for a paradrop closer to the main objective. You can neutralise your enemy's outpost but you cannot take it for yourself. To win you must hold the main objective. This mode was inspired by Sa-Matra's ARMA3 king of the hill mode. This is not and will never be a milsim. I am simply curious to see how this sort of game mode plays out with battlefield's more arcade fun damage model. If it works as intended you get a nice dynamic fight.

Validated for patch 3.2 - G43 and No4 iron sights added, bigger update with more of the new guns soon(tm).

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Sept. 14, 2022, 8 p.m.

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