Formula S


2 teams multiplayer race game. Each team have a squad of drivers and shooters. Experience the connection between the drivers and shooters to win the race. The winning driver makes his team win. The shooters slow down the enemy drivers by shooting them. ~ Spectators/Shooters: • 8 shooting spots. Crouch to be teleported between spots. • Move from position to another using panoramic zipline • Can’t invade the track. Going under a certain height teleports you back to a spot. • Ammo is replenished every 30 seconds

Load balancing management: • Game wait for players and distribute them evenly among teams. • After the race starts shooters can still join the game

Race mechanics: • Follow the suspended spotted AI to locate checkpoints. • Notifications will display the race info: Checkpoints validation and lap closing. • Realtime ranking for the top 3 racers. • Getting shot will prevent you from accelerating for a fraction of a second • The more damage you take the more time you are restricted • Use your smoke or drive backwards to escape when restricted

Overall game: • Tips and tricks to help learn the game rules and mechanics • Take our highly configurable code to create your own track on any map with any vehicle.


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Jan. 24, 2022, 3 a.m.

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