Gunfight Royale


What's it about?

  • Quick battle royale solo rounds on smaller free for all maps.

  • 12 players: last man standing or closest to the flag at end of round wins a points.

  • First to 3 points wins.

  • Each round all 12 players get the same loadout containing a random primary, a random secondary, a random open gadget and a random throwable. It could be smg+1942 sidearm+armor plate and molotov or a sniper+revolver+medcrate and smokes. All weapons and throwables are available, not all gadgets though. Who manages to make the best out of this combination?

  • Custom, randomized and protected spawn locations on each map, big thanks to Dirteebreaks for help with the code and mewmewzxcv for help with the spawn locations.

  • When you die you have to wait until the next round to redeploy. (not all that bad with these short rounds) All players are spotted in this state, so you can spectate the remaining players.

  • PvP bots are enabled.


  • 75 seconds: everyone deploys at a random location on the map with the same loadout as everyone else. A message and a sound indicate the start of the round. Get to cover and find out where your enemies are.

  • 60 seconds: a message and a sound indicate that the flag is now enabled. The flag is randomly placed on a selection of predefined locations of interest on the map. A flag icon is now visible on the map.

  • 30 seconds: a message and a sound indicate that we're into the last part of the round. Find those last players or make sure you're near the flag location!

  • 10 seconds: the round is almost over, indicated by a message. An alarm sound will start on the flag's location.

  • 0 seconds: the player closest to the flag wins a point.

  • All the while, if you are the last player alive you win a point and the round ends early.

  • First to 3 points wins

Current maps in the rotation (10) are all the FFA versions of these maps:

  • Orbital: Crawlerway
  • Battle of the Bulge: St. Vith
  • Caspian Border: gas station
  • Arica Harbor: town
  • Kaleidoscope: data center
  • Noshar Canals: container area
  • Manifest: caju operation
  • Breakaway: platform
  • Discarded: recycling yard
  • Valparaiso: village

Demo trailer :


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Oct. 3, 2022, 10:05 a.m.

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