Hidden Connection


This is Hidden Connection by davidPWNSgoliath Equipped only with a knife you must hunt down your target But a knife is a dangerous tool and can only be used under certain conditions The game mode HUD tells you who your target is in what direction they can be found and how far away they are The direction readings correspond to the compass at the bottom of your screen A negative number means that your target is that many degrees to the left of your current facing A positive number means that your target is that many degrees to the right of your current facing The distance readings indicate how far away your target is When you are within 5 meters of your target you may use your knife But be careful to only hit your target You will lose 1 point if you kill someone other than your target You will gain 1 point for killing your target If you kill your target then you will pick up where they left off and inherit their target as your new target If your target is killed by someone else then you will be assigned a new target Now go and sever those connections This game mode is for Portal Jam 1 Connections Hidden Connections embodies the theme by creating a network of connections between players in a Free For All format Players must ONLY kill their connection


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