Keep Capturing The Flag


This experience is a solo version of CTF where the player who has captured the flag for the longest time wins.

One of the differences from a regular CTF is that it is more like a game of tag, played unarmed. You do not have to kill the player who is capturing the flag, just get close enough to take it. Another difference is that everyone is equipped with quick reloading grappling hooks!

Gameplay Flow :

  • A flag icon appears at a random location on the map.
  • When you approach a flag icon, you can capture it.
  • When a flag is captured, the flag disappearance timer starts countdown.
  • When you approach a player with a flag, you can take it away.
  • When the flag disappearance timer reaches zero, the flag disappears and appears at a random location on the map.
  • The player who has captured the flag for a certain amount of time wins.


  • A ticking sound is played while the flag is captured. The speed of the ticking sound changes depending on the distance from the other players.
  • When the number of seconds remaining on the flag disappearance timer gets low, the ticking sound will change to an alarm sound.
  • The distance where other players can capture the flag is rather large, so run for your life!

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Nov. 25, 2022, 4:22 p.m.

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Nov. 30, 2022, 12:47 a.m.