PVP Special Operations


Hardcore asymmetrical mode in which special forces must complete various randomly selected tasks located throughout the map within the time limit while being hunted by insurgents 4 players will be randomly selected to SF team Players will be assigned 1 of 4 classes 1 Drone Operator Recon Drone EOD Bot 2 Forward Observer Binoculars Mortar Strike 3 Medic MedKit Defib 4 Marksman TUGS SOFLAM M39 EMR SF players cannot redeploy Remaining players will be assigned to the insurgent team with unlimited redeploy Features Random tasks 4 types of tasks 1 Eliminate H V T Insurgent will be randomly selected Find and kill 2 Secure Zone Stand near zone until captured 3 Intel Retrieval Go to point A interact to pick up intel and drop it off at point B 4 Extract Final task Reach extraction zone and wait until timer reaches 0 If time limit is reached but atleast 1 player is still within the zone the match will not end and will give SF a chance to clutch a win Switch grenades Interact while grenade slot is active this will only work if you disable quick throw Bleeding You will slowly bleed over time if you take enough damage Bleed causes damage if you run jump or vault Interact to bandage Wounded If health is low sprint will be disabled Weapon jamming Low chance for weapon to jam Interact while holding jammed weapon to fix Delayed vehicle engine start Vehicles will not move instantly and will take a few seconds to start when you enter Simulates starting engine Jumping temporarily prevents aiming Only last a short time adds realism as it shouldn t be possible to aim down sight while in midair No parachuting instant death Delayed defib usage AI as marker above task Display current task completed tasks Interact while holding knife will display active task Check ammo Interact while aiming


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March 13, 2022, 10 p.m.

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March 14, 2022, 7 p.m.