SCRUM : Advance The Line


This experience is inspired by the push mode in Overwatch 2.

This experience is won by the team that pushes the line represented by the three icons to the enemy's final line of defense.

"SCRUM" In the sport of rugby, it is a play in which teammates form a line and push against the opposing team to get the ball.

As the soldiers approach, the line moves forward along a preset route. However, if two teams of soldiers are in the line at the same time, progress stops.

At that time, an icon in the center of the line and a header message will indicate the number of soldiers in the line.

Objectives represented by icons:

  • STATUS - Line in progress : The maximum distance (in percentage) that the team advancing the line has progressed. / The final location of the opposing team.
  • STATUS - Line is stopped : Maximum progress distance for Team 1. / Maximum progress distance for Team 2.

If the line is ahead of the maximum travel distance, the speed of advance will be faster.

Other features:

  • All explosives are prohibited except for Sundance grenades and Liz's launcher. (Smoke and incendiary grenades are allowed)
  • Movement speed 1.1x.
  • All vehicles are not available.
  • Rasheed is restricted. (Because the gadget is too powerful)

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Nov. 22, 2022, 8:08 a.m.

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