Securing Supply Connection


The theme of this mode is the connection of supply routes their destruction and robbery Players fight separately on 32 the defending side and 32 the robbery side Supplies made with PVEAI flow out from the three bases on the map and gather in the center of the map When this Supplies reaches the center the score will be given to the defending side the robbery side spawns with only the main weapon and the sub weapon When the robbery side attacks and destroys the supplies the robbery side gets a score and gets random one shot gadget of four types In addition the attacking side can stop the supply from the base by attacking the base that is the source of supplies If there are more the robbery side players than the defending side players near the base the supply from that base will stop and the robbery side will continue to score The winner is the one who reaches 300 first within the time limit of 45 minutes Since 30 PVEAI are included as the defending side for supplies there are also 30 PVEAIs on the robbery side so that they are evenly divided when players join But the robbery side AI probably won t work I get some error logs but there is no problem in operation I want to fix it someday


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Jan. 15, 2022, midnight

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