Survival Mode Zombie 2 0 030


There are 6 waves in total Level 1 Defending Point A Ai No weapon for score 120s Hit Level 2 Defending Point A Ai with M44 revolver 120s Kill Level 3 Defend Point A Ai has R10 Ghostbusters 120s Kill Level 4 Defend point C Ai has SVK repeating rifle 140s Yes Level 5 Defend point C Ai has M12 repeating shotgun 140s Enemy since the fifth level Ai can open the vehicle for 2 infantry fighting vehicles 2 armed straight 3 off road vehicles 1 transport helicopter 1 troop carrier random time deployment Level 6 Guards A and C with NTW 50 sniper rifle 180s human Ai s carrier will no longer be deployed to the ground and Ai will not be forced to download the carrier When crouching Z interactive E the title bar in the upper right corner 3 will show the purchase partition you are in crouching C interactive E for random purchase of weapons The main weapon is 600 points expert skills 400 points equipped with weapons 300 points grenades 50 points


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