Tactical Conquest

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Tactical Conquest is a small team conquest 20v20 with limited spawns played in 8 minute rounds It is a best of five so the first team to win three rounds wins the match You will have a 30 second prep phase in between each round If you have played Insurgency this is basically Firefight mode I have made three variants based on the soldier sets BF2042 Tactical Conquest AAYXN4 BF3 Tactical Conquest AAZGK7 BFBC2 Tactical Conquest AAZGK5 Winning a round can be achieved through three different scenarios 1 Secure all three capture points 2 Eliminate all enemies 3 Control more capture when time expires Redeployment is only available when your team secures a capture point At that point you will automatically be deployed Modifiers Per Squad Character Limit 1 Friendly Fire ON Headshot Damage Multiplier 2 Bodyshot Damage Multiplier 1 5 Projectile Speed Multiplier 1 2 Man Down Type Instant Death Soldier Move Speed Multiplier 0 9 Soldier Health Regeneration OFF Vehicle Health Regeneration OFF Minimap OFF Vehicles Only ground transport vehicles Gadgets No spawn beacons

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Sept. 23, 2022, 6 a.m.

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