AI Target Features:

16 AI Targets are available that you can change between the following modes..

  • Static: Targets are stuck in a static arrangement on the map
  • Moving: Simple left to right strafing
  • Random: Left to right strafing with the direction changing at random intervals for each target
  • Dynamic: Each target will change into one of the above modes at random intervals
  • Gun Tester: Targets will be arranged in a line at 10m intervals from the player (5m offset can be applied)
  • Vehicle Targets:
  • When you enter a vehicle 4 enemy vehicles will spawn for you to use as practice fodder. The vehicles are: 1 Jet, 1 Apache, 1 Nightbird and 1 Super Hind. (they are disabled when you exit)

Displayed Statistics:

stats display can be hidden at your command

  • Accuracy: you last kill and global accuracy
  • Time to Kill: time taken to kill you last target
  • Bullets to Kill: amount of hits to kill you last target
  • Target Distance: the distance from you to the last target you hit
  • Bullet Velocity: In the gun tester mode, there is a target which when damaged will read the velocity at which the bullet travelled
  • Rate of Fire: Your weapons live rate of fire


  • Classic Weapon Box: Gain access to all non 2042 portal weapons via an MCOM and selection menu.

Collab credits:

x8reaps - Designer and tracking expert



Oct. 19, 2023, 12:47 a.m.

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March 4, 2024, 9:01 a.m.