Uplink is a fast paced, infantry only, squad based mode. This version of the mode includes VERY LIMITED access to specialist gadgets and weapons.

The mode is fully customisable - see below for details. I've also provided the URL for you to edit as you wish - but if you could please credit myself and my channel if you use the experience I would be very greatful.


Two teams (12 players per side) fight to capture 'Uplink' devices scattered around the map. If a team captures a device, they must hold on to it long enough to complete the connection and data transmission phases.

Completing both phases successfully scores a point. Once a team completes the required number of 'Uplinks' they win the game.

While it may simple at first, to become the best you will need to think about your strategy and how you will confuse the enemy and keep the uplink safe.

Customising the mode

You can use the standard web builder to make basic edits to the mode such as enabling (or disabling) weapons, specialists, gadgets and attachments.

In addition you can also edit the following settings by changing the values in the logic editor. To alter these settings:

  • In the MOD block, go to the second rule - 'initialiseMainGameSettings'
  • Edit the values in the first line of that rule - 'initialiseMainGameSettings'


  • connectionPhaseTime - The number of seconds the connection phase lasts (default 60 seconds)
  • transmissionPhaseTime - The number of seconds the transmission phase lasts (default 10 seconds)
  • uplinksRequiredToWin - The number of uplinks needed to be completed successfully to win (default 3)
  • maxGameModeTime - The number of seconds the game will last (default 1800 seconds - 30 minutes)
  • uplinkRespawnTime - The number of seconds it takes for a new Uplink to spawn after successful transmission or reset (default 15 seconds)
  • inactiveTimeTillRespawn - the number of seconds an 'Uplink' can remain on the ground without being collected by a team before it will reset and trigger a respawn (default 60 seconds)
  • secondsEnemySpottedOnConnect - the number of seconds that players on the opposing team will be spotted once a team successfully completes an Uplink (default 10 seconds)
  • tacticalDropEnabled - whether the player can drop the Uplink while they are holding it, only active during connection phase (default TRUE)
  • movementPenaltyActive - whether the speed of the connection phase is slowed down if the player is moving. Players need to remain stationary to connect faster if enabled! (default TRUE)
  • movementPenaltyPercent - the percentage time reduction incurred when the player is moving if the movement penalty is active (default 50%)

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