Apex Battle Royale, Shrinking Ring


Experience Description

Stay inside the ring to avoid scripted damage. Kill to increase max health, replenish ammo, and access survey beacon. One redeployment available at the start of Round 1 (4 min into game). Outlast the others to take the win.

Experience Code

  • Large maps, 32 players – ABFU4G
  • Normal maps, 24 players – ABE245

Experience Name

  • Mega Battle Royale, Shrinking Ring
  • Apex Battle Royale, Shrinking Ring

Feature Highlight

This is a real battle royale mode with a functioning ring (a.k.a. circle) that shrinks randomly in distance and direction. Utilizing the latest features of the rules editor in Season 5, this mode visualizes ring boundary with world icons rather than spotted AI soldiers, which distances itself from all the bugs and glitches prior designs are prune to. Extensive playtesting had been conducted on each of the 17 maps in rotation to ensure that the ring centers are at visible height, the first rings land on reasonable locations, and the subsequent rings do not travel out of bound. Compete with either humans or AI across all maps where the final ring will take you to different places each time!

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Known Bugs

  • Ring location will experience temporary anomaly during the transition to the next ring, which may cause an unintentional one-time ring damage to the player if they are not already inside the next ring. This is due to a bug of the rules editor’s “TrackVariableOverTime” function.
  • After being teleported when deploying in Round 1, using Sundance's Wingsuit (Specialist Trait) immediately may cause player to get stuck in an inaccessible place (such as the middle of a building in Kaleidoscope). Exercise caution if you wish to deploy Wingsuit before assets are fully loaded.


Thank you for viewing my Portal mode. It has been a hard time for Battlefield 2042 as players come and go. Here goes the best wishes that this game will live on through the countless innovations brought by Portal modders.


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Sept. 1, 2023, 1:23 a.m.

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May 1, 2024, 10:37 a.m.